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All the materials we use are safe for your health & environment so you can keep expressing your passion into the future; NO solvents, NO toxic chemicals, NO nasty smell or skunked up noses, NO dead brain cells & easy to clean up, including skin!


Equipped with precision pump action tips for easy paint flow control. The 2mm round tips are accurate & easy to control; perfect for painting semi-bold medium-weight lines & larger details. All wrapped in a beautiful & comfortable to hold in your hands for hours design - so you'll be inspired to keep expressing yourself!


Formulated to be versatile & mixable with almost any surface, material, or medium. Works on everything so you can create your stunning masterpieces on just about anything including; paper, canvas, wood, brick, rocks, stone, glass, metal, plastic, fabric, & more. The world is now your canvas & the only limit is your imagination!


Filled with vibrant opaque water-based acrylic paint that quickly dries to a beautiful matte finish! Formulated with thick premium archival grade pigments that resists the elements, fading, & cover most surfaces in one coat, yet thin enough to flow consistently without clogs, globs, or skips! Ideal paint consistency makes priming the tip easy & reduces messy blobs of paint on your art because you can see the paint flow, just simply stop priming when paint saturates the tip.


Running out of paint in the middle of a creative flurry is just flat disappointing. But unlike other acrylic paint markers, ours are endlessly refillable, with our paints, their paints, or your own color mixture experiments. We also designed the paint chambers with maximum volume in mind to hold as much paint as possible. Transparent barrels make it easy to find the color you need in the moment & because you can see the paint level you’ll know it's time to refill before you run out; saving you money & eliminating waste. Finally, the tips are crafted from premium grade synthetic fiber that is durable & stands up to the most vigorous use that resists: quickly-wearing & drying-out, & can be easily replaced when they do!


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