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One of the most valuable weapons an artist can have in their arsenal is inspiration. Inspiration gives each artist drive and pushes them to produce work that is unique. 

If you have ever gazed the Instagram of STEM (@Silk_eyelashes_ynn), you will immediately notice the sheer volume of work he is able to produce. Across different platforms as his applied canvas with a plethora of medium; STEM has been asserting himself as a prolific artist who is never short of inspiration. 

STEM's work, while centered around graffiti; includes a mastery of marker application.This also extends to a love for the themes and stories that inspire him by including a detailed (and sometimes a surreal interpretation) of them--blending them in with his work; alongside his precise application of color. 

For this reason our team at Konker Colors highlight's STEM as a recommended artist to follow and support. 

"What gets me hyped to do s blackbook page is after I complete a piece; 3 days later I am ready to burn it and make something even better!" - STEM 

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DATE: November 13, 2018