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We all have themes from our child-hood that stay with us as we grow up. 


For Gigs, (@gigstar_csf), one of those themes was Mike Tyson's punchout--and video games as a whole. Video Games and cartoons in general are often depicted in his stories. 


He recently has been paying homage to his childhood video games with some awesome paintings on his page. 


Here is what he had to say about the Tyson piece specifically:


"I grew up a huge fan of videogames and my family loved the sport of boxing. My parents even brought me to see a young Mike Tyson in person, at the age of 4. 

Tyson's Punchout was one of the first games I had and it quickly became a favorite. However, I just could not beat Tyson on the final level. Tyson was so strong and fast that he literally would knock you out the moment he got to you.


It was not until my teenage years that I made it out the first round and eventually beat him. So, for me, the piece speaks to a nostalgia about my childhood, my family and growing up." 


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DATE: November 16, 2018